Limited Edition Jack's Lab 'VCCXXII' B&W 35mm - Single roll

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This is Jack's Lab's first offering of film; A classic panchromatic B&W motion picture film stock, with an incredibly broad tonal range, rich blacks, high sharpness and a beautiful fine grain structure.

Perfect for street, portraits, and pretty much whatever you want to throw at it - The film is rated at ISO 200 in daylight and ISO 250 in tungsten, but is more than happy being pushed all the way up to 1600. 

This is Kodak Eastman 5222 motion picture film stock (the stuff they shot Raging Bull and Schindlers List on) loaded into DX-coded canisters ready for you to shoot at your leisure, in whatever 35mm camera you like.

We're excited to offer this film with discounted add-on development (for only £4.00) and you can add scans too with 10% off.

Please quote the order number from this order when sending your film back to us for developing (and scanning if you've added scans).

Here are a few examples:

jacks lab developed and scanned black and white VCCXXII 35mm film
jacks lab developed and scanned black and white VCCXXII 35mm film
jacks lab developed and scanned black and white VCCXXII 35mm film


When sending your film orders to us, please ensure that you write your order number clearly on or inside your package.

All film orders should be sent to:

Jack's Lab
Unit 34, Meriton Foundry
Meriton Street

Further details can be found in your order confirmation email once you've placed your order.

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