Jack's Lab is currently open four days a week:
Monday - 10am - 4pm
Tuesday - 10am - 4pm
Wednesday - 10am - 4pm
Thursday - 12pm - 7pm
Friday - 12pm - 2pm
Saturday - CLOSED
Sunday - CLOSED

But you can also mail your film to us, or drop your film in one of our two dropboxes.

If you can make it to our lab in Bristol, you can drop off in person during opening hours.

We also currently have ONE convenient dropbox where you can drop your film off when we're closed:

Outside the Lab
Meriton Foundry, Meriton St, BS2 0SZ
Available: Mon - Sun, 8am - 8pm (approx.)

We also gladly accept postal orders.

Here are a few tips if you do post it in to us:

Please write your name and order number clearly on a note inside, or on the back of the envelope.

We recommend sending your film to us via the post office, as your film will be too bulky to be sent with a stamp, and will need to be sent as a small parcel.

Then all you need to do is send them to us at the following address:

Jack's Lab
Unit 34 Meriton Foundry,
Meriton Street

We currently just have the one dropbox where you can drop your film off when we're closed:

Outside the Lab
Meriton Foundry, Meriton St, BS2 0SZ
Available: Mon - Sun, 8am - 8pm (approx.)


When we check your film in at the lab, we will always send your an email to let you know your film has arrived safely, this email will also contain an ETA for when you can expect your scans to arrive with you.

Due to certain busy periods, turnaround times can change according to how much film we have in at any point.

*PLEASE NOTE: Our turnaround times are always an aim and not a GUARANTEE. The ETA is an estimated time. So whilst we will always do our absolute best to turnaround your orders within the advertised turnaround times, there are occasionally mitigating factors that affect the turnaround time and you may get your order a little later than we'd like. An example of this might be a particularly large order - Generally speaking orders of 15-20+ rolls will take longer to complete. We do ask for your patience when placing large orders.

We are open Monday - Friday at the moment, and we don't count the day your order was checked in, so please bear this in mind when enquiring about your order.

Please also bear in mind that, when ordering prints with your order, that the turnaround time is based on delivering your digital scans to you, and your prints will be produced and dispatched within 3 working days of you receiving your digital scans via email.

If you haven't received your scans or negatives within the advertised turnaround time, please feel free to contact us at orders@jackslab.co stating your order number in the subject and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can with an ETA.

Well, you're in luck! We also offer an express 'same day' service, which is available only with colour (c41) film processing.

As long as your order is with us at the lab before 1pm, we can ensure your order is turned around that same day*.

*This is applicable only to reasonable sized orders, anything over 15/20 rolls will likely take a little longer, but we will always aim to have your express order turned around within 24 hours.

We can process and scan all 35mm, 120/medium format and 4x5 sizes of film, in colour negative (C41), B&W and colour positive slide film (E6) processes.

Yes we absolutely can develop and scan rolls of film that have been shot in a half frame camera.

Please note: If you have a preference as to how they're scanned, please let us know. We will always default to scanning them as single files, but can absolutely scan them as diptychs if you would like us to.

The only time we scan half-frame as diptychs as default is if you've ordered prints to go with them. Otherwise you're essentially getting twice as many prints, which is using twice as much print media. If you want prints, and your half frame photos scanned as single frames, please let us know and we can adjust your order accordingly to accomodate this.

Yes we can. We can and love to scan frames from an XPAN, or a Widelux, or most other panoramic cameras. We can scan up to 6x12.

We sure can! Most disposables contain 35mm film, and the majority of disposables have C-41 colour film inside, but some do have B&W.

Pop your disposable camera in your order complete and seal it up. Please don't try to remove the film yourself, we'll do that for you.

Yes, we absolutely can. Please see below for details on what we can/can't do.


We can take colour film that requires pushing/pulling by 1 stop at no extra cost, however any colour film that requires anything more than this (+2 beyond) will incur an extra cost as we would need to hand develop it, which is additional labour. Please also be aware that this will increase turnaround time by upto 10 working days.


We can push black and white film up to +4 stops, and pull it by -2 stops, at no additional cost.


We don't recommend pushing/pulling slide (E6) film, however if you would like to please get in touch and we can discuss this with you bespoke to your order. There will be an additional cost for this.

Pushing and pulling is the process of over-developing (pushing) or under-developing (pulling) as a creative technique that can go someway to counteract over or underexposure.

It isn't, however, something that we would recommend being used as a 'save all' method of counteracting, or saving accidental over/underexposure.

Pushing will typically increase contrast, can occasionally cause colour shifting and will still not be able to retrieve detail from shadows, which are ultimately non-exposed parts of the film. Whereas pulling can result in decreased contrast, and muddy/washed out highlights.

Our scans are bloody great.

Standard JPEGs are approximately 3130 x 2075 pixels, and about 4-5mb in file size.

Large JPEGs are approximately 6774 x 4492 pixels, and about 24mb in file size.

Hi-Res TIFFs are the same resolution as Large JPEGs, at 6774 x 4492, but these are supplied in 16 bit TIFF files and are about 165mb each.

We don't offer a low-res/proof options, as honestly, your film deserves better, and our prices are good enough already.

Once your film has been processed, it will be cut and sleeved in an archival sleeve.

35mm will be cut into strips of 6 as standard, but if you'd prefer your negatives uncut/kept in a roll, just leave us a note on your order.

If you've selected for your film to be scanned, your scans will be sent via a Dropbox link for you to download them. This link will be valid for 30 days.

Your negatives will be posted back to you or kept in the lab for your to pickup, depending on what option you chose when ordering. You can also opt for your negatives to be recycled, though we would always encourage you to keep your negatives.

Firstly, please make sure you're only contacting us after the advertised turnaround time has passed. We work to 'working days', which means days that the lab is open.

Please also check your spam or promotions folders first, as often they can find their way there.

If not, please get in touch with us at orders@jackslab.co with your order number and let us know, we can look at resending this out for you, but please be aware that you need to let us know within 30 days of your expected delivery date.

First of all, that sucks! We know how it feels and we hate delivering this news on the rare occasions.

However, if there are no visible images on your roll of film, we'll drop you an email to let you know.

We do have to charge a developing fee for blank rolls to cover costs, but you can receive store credit for the cost of any scans or prints that we're unable to produce for you.

We will also, where we can, offer advice, answer any questions you may have, and help diagnose any issue for you.

Store credit is applied to your loyalty account.

You can access this via the icon in the bottom right corner of the website.

If you've created an account with us already, you can just sign in and see your points balance (100 pts = £1 redeemable).

If you haven't created an account yet, not to worry, you can create an account now as long as you use the same email address that you originally ordered with.

Then once you login you'll be able to see any loyalty points you earned when ordering, as well as any store credit applied to your account.

You can earn more points through other activities, such as following us on social media and you can even earn you and your friends £5 off when using your personal referral link (nb: they will need to place an order over £10 before that £5 is applied to both accounts.)

If you have any issues creating or logging in to you loyalty account, please drop us a line at hello@jackslab.co and we'll do our best to help.

We scan all your film (apart from large format) on our beloved Noritsu HS-1800.

It's one hell of a machine.

For large format scans, we use an Epson V850 flatbed scanner.

Unfortunately, photographing with film and the whole chemical-based development process that goes with it, is not a wholly eco-friendly one.

However, at Jack's Lab we are committed to managing this effectively, you can read more about our efforts to reduce our impact here.

We offer free tracked shipping on the return of your negatives on all orders of £50 and over.

We do. We offer 6x4, 6x6 and 6x8 prints using our in-house digital dye sub printer on glossy paper.

These are perfect for printing your 35mm and 120 film scans.

You can either add them to each roll when ordering if you want prints of your entire roll (6x4 only).

Alternatively you can get your scans back first, and then using the 'Single Prints' product to upload the scans you want printed.

We're conscious of the waste we produce from the lab and we don't neccessarily believe that printing every single photo from a whole roll of film is the most economical option for you or the environment, so we ask that you be conscious of this when ordering prints for an entire roll.

We'd much rather you spent less with us, but only ordered the prints that you want, than ending up with a bunch of prints that will end up in waste.

If you've selected to pick your scans up from the lab, then we guarantee to hold them for you for two months, minimum.

If you think you might not be able to collect them within this time period, please contact us and we can make alternative arrangements with you.

After the two month holding period, we may dispose of any negatives that haven't been collected.

All orders that have opted to have their negs recycled will be held for a minimum of two weeks, before being disposed of.

If you've changed your mind, or think you might have selected to recycle in error, please contact us ASAP at hello@jackslab.co and we will try to help.

There are a few answers to this.

The most common reason why you didn't receive as many photos as you were expecting is that it's highly likely you had a number of 'blank' frames on your roll. We will usually let you know in your scans email, of any imperfections or issues with your roll (such as heavy scratches, light leaks and blank frames etc.).

Even without blank frames in the middle of your roll it's also quite common that, although you think you have a 24 or 36 exp. roll of film, that depending on the camera you're using and/or how you've loaded it, that you may not always get exactly that amount of frames.

There are several reasons why this might happen, including potential issues with your camera, but if you're still not sure feel free to get in touch with us and we can double-check for you.


Firstly, apologies for the delay in your photos getting over to you.

We're always working hard to get everything out as quickly as we can, whilst still retaining the quality of service we pride ourselves on. When we send you over an ETA upon check-in, our aim is to get your scans over to you by this date. However, as it is just an estimated time, and not a guarantee, sometimes there are circumstances beyond our control that don't always allow us to hit this target.

The best thing to do is to try and be patient with us, there are often circumstances such as staff sickness, or technical issues that cause these delays, and we're often working on remedying the problem. If we know in advance that there is going to be a delay, then we will usually try to get in touch beforehand, however we know you want your photos and often just need an update from us, so the best bet is to drop us an email at orders@jackslab.co and we'll give you an update where we can.

We're still a relatively new business and we're constantly growing and learning how to be better, so whilst we may not have hit our ETA this time around, we are always striving to improve and upgrade our workflow here so we can better manage extremely busy periods and our overall process.

There is no limit to how many films you send us under one order.

You will need to adjust the quantity on that particularly product page according to however many rolls under that service that you would like processed.

Please also be aware that orders of 20 rolls or over can be subject to a slightly longer turnaround, but we do offer a bulk discount for this also.

Occasionally you'll be fortunate enough to receive a discount code from us to use towards your next order with us.

Sometimes when these are entered into the discount code box in your cart, it can appear as though it's not discounted the order, but if you proceed through to checkout, you will see the discount has been added at this stage.

Occasionally there can be glitches with the system, and some of our discount codes we send out are time limited, so please make sure you're using the code within it's time frame.

If you're still having issues for whatever reason, please contact us at hello@jackslab.co and one of us will be happy to sort this out for you.

Yes, we can now develop your cine film with remjet. If you're unsure what this is, all colour film meant for cinema/motion picture use contains a black carbon layer (called remjet), which is an anti-static and anti-halation layer designed specifically for the use of the film in motion picture cameras. This layer means this film is not safe to be developed in most C41 based processors and usually has be developed separately in ECN-2 chemistry.

Please note: We have also become aware that some sellers online, such as eBay/etsy and other online marketplaces are selling film that is advertised as being 'safe for C41 processing' and claim that the remjet has been pre-washed off this film. Cinestill are the only recognised brand that have the infrastructure to do this sufficiently, and so we do reserve the right to refuse development of these rolls in our C41 processor and instead charge you to develop these films as if they were ECN-2/cine film.