Ordering your film processing

A quick how to:

1. Select your film type (35mm or 120)

2. Choose which scans you'd like depending on what you plan on using them for (there's a bit more info below, if you're not too sure)

3. Adjust the quantity depending on how many rolls of film you've got, add to the cart and complete payment

4. Package your film up well (we recommend padded jiffy bag/envelopes or a well sealed box)

5. Whack your order number somewhere on or inside your package

6. Then either post it to us or drop it off at our friendly Bristol lab. Alternatively you can also drop it at one of our dropboxes around Bristol.

As soon as your scans are ready, we will send you a download link. Easy!

Depending on what options you chose for shipping, we'll either send your negatives back to you, keep them in the lab ready for you to collect, or recycle them if you don't want them back. 


If you want to push/pull any of your film, we don't charge extra, but please be sure to leave details in the notes at checkout. It's also really helpful to write the film speed in which you want it developed at on each roll of film, or +1, +2 for example according to how many stops you'd like it pushed/pulled.

What scans should I get?

Well it all depends what you plan on using them for. Here's a bit of info that might help you choose, if you're not too sure.

Standard JPEG scans:
3130 x 2075 pixels - approx. 3-5MB
Ideal for using across social media, website/portfolio and printable up to A4

Large JPEG scans:
6774 x 4492 pixels - approx. 20-25MB
Perfect for those wanting larger resolution files for printing or displaying larger on your website/portfolio. Also ideal for archiving.

Hi-Res TIFF scans:
6774 x 4492 pixels - approx. 60-80MB
This option is perfect for those wanting to make any finer edits or adjustments to their photos, as these 16 bit TIFFs will stand up to much heavier editing than a JPEG. Also perfect for printing in almost all circumstances.

We develop and scan both colour and black and white film, including disposables.