Kate Hook x Intrepid Studios Workshops

If you're here it's because you've attended one of Kate Hook's brilliant workshops with Intrepid Studios.

At Jack's Lab we are very encouraging of learning and expanding your creative horizons as well as experimenting with new techniques and methods within the world of film photography.

This is why we've partnered up with Kate and Intrepid to be able to offer you a special one-time-only unique discount, just for you.

We're delighted to be able to offer 30% off our usual film processing prices, whether you've shot colour (C41), traditional black & white, colour positive (E6) or cine (ECN-2) film, including scanning and printing too.

All you've got to do is pop your email address in the form below and then follow any on-screen or email instructions to receive your code.


The email that includes the discount code is automated, so can occasionally take a little time to come through, once you've confirmed subscription. If you have any issues receiving your discount code from us, please do check your spam folder first, but also feel free to contact us with any issues or questions.